Homes in the McRae Park Neighborhood

McRae Park Neighborhood is highly walkable and one of Salem’s neighborhoods with many historic homes. Located just north of State Street in Salem, Oregon, this neighborhood is tucked in next to the Court-Chemeketa Historic District. While none of this neighborhood sits in the Historic District, the homes were built in the early 1900s time frame. Homeowners get the benefit of charming old vintage homes without the requirements of the Historic District rules.  Lots are small, as is common with older homes around the downtown core, yet many have trees and privacy landscaping in place.

A Norman Farmhouse in McRae Park Neighborhood

McRae Park is at the center of the neighborhood. The neighborhood boasts an easy walk to local favorites Word of Mouth Bistro, Patty’s Off Center Cafe, and Sybil’s Omelets. Walk a few blocks farther and you are into downtown Salem. Craftsman bungalows, four squares, Victorian farmhouses, and other “character homes” are common real estate finds in this neighborhood.

Most of the neighborhood sits in the Richmond elementary, Leslie Middle, South Salem High school districts, although a small section at the north end of the neighborhood feeds into Englewood elementary. If purchasing in this neighborhood and school district are important to you, double-check the school boundaries with the school district.



Home prices in McRae Park

In 2022, the median home price was $355,000. The fixers in this neighborhood will go for $250,000 and homes generally top out at $500,000 as most of the homes aren’t large in this neighborhood.

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