Buying a home is part anxiety-provoking and part excitement.  We want you to walk into your new home with no regrets so we will spend a lot of time walking through every pro and con, every financial calculation, and every contract detail so that you can buy a home with confidence.  We don’t want you to just buy a home. We want you to buy the perfect home. 

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Finding a house is easy.  Buying a house is hard.  We help with the hard part.  

We believe finding homes to see is a team effort.  The internet makes that easy. We don’t wait for our clients to send us homes to view as we actively look for homes on and off the market for you.

It is common for clients to send us homes they want to see, but we ruled them out since they didn’t meet their needs due to some non-obvious or sometimes obvious defect that we are aware of.  There is no need to waste time walking into a house with wobbly floors if you don’t want a fixer.  

During our walkthrough, we will point out curable and incurable defects that will impact the resale of the home.  No home is perfect, but we want all of our buyers to go in eyes wide open. 

Bad things can happen to good people, and sometimes you have to sell a home quickly due to an unexpected life event.  That’s not the time to find out that your home will be hard to sell.  We want to protect your finances and assets by helping you make good real estate decisions. 

We will also create a due diligence packet before we write an offer unless market conditions are so hot that we don’t have time.  Then we will do it afterward. These are items that we believe buyers should be aware of to determine if the home is right for them.   

We don’t want your dream home to become your nightmare home. 

It’s our job to spot the difference. 

Everything that can go wrong won’t go wrong.

You have an accepted offer on a house that has passed the initial evaluation phase.  As excited as you are about the house, we need to make sure that you can buy this house with confidence.  We will make recommendations on the types of inspections you should get for a property you buy.  

We will go through disclosure documents, inspection reports, and preliminary title reports with you so that you determine if there are any concerns that we need to address in ongoing negotiations.  This is your time to more thoroughly evaluate the home.  

You don’t know what you don’t know.  We know what questions to ask, what quotes we need to get, what repairs we should negotiate, or if it is time to walk away and terminate the deal. 

Negotiating the purchase of a home is part art and part science.  Buying a home is a big deal involving a lot of money and often a lot of emotions and stress.  We help you put all the information together in context so that can decide if the home is right for you.

Your money. Your decision. 

We will run comparable home sales reports for you to help you understand if the offer you are about to write is consistent with the market conditions.  Comparable home sale reports only tell part of the story. Some homes are special due to their location or the lay of the land.  Some homes might sell for a lot more (or a lot less) than expected because of a unique feature.  We bring these sometimes not-so-obvious differences to your attention and help you decipher which ones are important to you. 

Are you doing contract work and moving around the country? Are you traveling a lot?  Sometimes the smart move is no move.  Other times, the smart move is to move when nobody else wants to. Paying down debt, saving more, and improving a credit score might be the best choice, meaning waiting to buy.  We can discuss all your options with you. Don’t be pressured into buying a home until you are ready. We help people buy homes when it is the right time for them. 

Sometimes it’s advantageous for a buyer to use a different loan product, which might mean changing a lender.  Sometimes a buyer might think they can’t buy a home, but there might be a loan product that makes it easier to buy. 

Your current lifestyle, the market, and available loan products are all factors in deciding if it is the right time for you to buy. 

We help our clients navigate these decisions.

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