The best buyer agents in Salem Oregon?

Some of you love the charm of a Cape Cod or Dutch Colonial and want to walk to a cafe nearby.

Marion county home for sale

A Marion County home

Some of you idealize those mid-century modern homes in Candalaria with their expansive windows and natural light.

Some of you want luxury living with a stellar mountain view so you can drink your morning coffee or glass of wine while enjoying the view. Maybe even a home with a turret.

Some of you want space for a shop on a few acres and want to be far away from your neighbors.  City living is just too people-y for some.

Some of you are investors looking for that plot of land to subdivide, fix and flip, or rent and hold.  Your eyes light up when you see gold carpet, rust-colored countertops, and the infamous pink bathroom.

Your perfect home is uniquely yours.

Whatever you deem “dream home worthy” we want to chat with you about that. Our buyer agents want to find you the home that is uniquely yours and just what you want.  Don’t spend time working with an agent that doesn’t know neighborhoods inside and out as we do.  If you have an agent and have been looking on our website for neighborhood information, you need to think about why you are working with someone that doesn’t know the area.  You worked too hard to earn your money to hire an agent that doesn’t know the city inside and out.  Are we the best buyer agents in Salem Oregon? Well, that is pretty subjective and up to our clients, but we are pretty darn good and one of our agents might be the right agent for you!

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