Melina Tomson

Principal Broker/Owner

I am the owner of the Tomson Burnham firm and am licensed to practice real estate in the State of Oregon. I have a Masters of Science in Counseling and worked as a child and family therapist for many years before heading into real estate.

I am a mom, a lover of books, nature photography, and genealogy. I also like sass. Lots of sass. You’ll often find me tormenting the brave agents that choose to work at the firm with fun filled snark. I actually think it is a requirement to work here. I also love my iPad and being a paperless company. As I love nature, I’m all about doing small things to cut down on environmental waste when I can.

You might see me running around town with my camera as I am enjoying shooting the ongoing changes that are occurring here in Salem Oregon I am the author of the Get RealEstate blog and have been actively blogging about everything real estate related since 2007. If there is a number to crunch and analyze I’m all over it. I’m a data geek. I admit it. but don’t tell anyone.  😉

John Kirk

Principal Broker

Brooke Anderson


Let’s be honest – buying or selling a home can be a daunting endeavor. Market conditions, timelines and paperwork, oh my! You need someone who can walk you through and this exciting and complicated undertaking with knowledge, efficiency and moral support. For me getting you to your destination of selling or buying a home isn’t the only measure of success. It’s important to me that you feel supported and informed all along the way.

Prior to becoming a real estate broker I worked for 14+ years transporting household goods domestically and internationally. I knew that to my clients it was never just stuff – it was grandma’s quilt, priceless baby photos and that odd lamp that reminds you of a favorite vacation every time you turn it on. And I know that houses are not just four walls and a roof. It’s the place you can be yourself, invite your friends and make your own. I want to help you balance the objective facts of the deal and transitioning into or out of a home you care for. I can guide you through the twists and turns so you know where you are and what’s ahead. No real journey is without a pothole here and there but I have a cool head and solid knowledge base to help keep you on the road.

I have lived in Salem most of my life and look forward to sharing that hometown knowledge with you. I live in and am especially fond of older homes. Those charming architectural gems do come with some less-than-charming challenges. I look forward to helping you decide if that crown molding and those glass doorknobs are worth it to you.

When not working with for a client I am most likely spending time with my husband, our two boys or one of our four-legged family members. (Chances are if it’s furry I’ll love it!) I enjoy going to my boys’ sporting and school events, gardening, reading, playing with fabric and laughing too loudly with my sisters.

Amberly Calabria


Hi friends! My name is Amberly. I’m a mama to 3 wonderful children. I could go on and on about how amazing they are, but I think that all moms think their kiddos are wonderful so I will spare you the details! 🙂

I have an extensive background in customer service. It’s always been my “thing.” Prior to becoming a real estate agent, I was an optician. I absolutely loved what I did and loved my patients. I loved helping people and giving my patients the gift of sight. The emotions of seeing a child put glasses on for the very first time and realize that what they’ve been seeing their entire life was blurry and now things are crystal clear, there’s just not enough warm fuzzies to describe that wonderful feeling! Now don’t laugh, but when I was very young and all my friends were wanting to be an astronaut, a firefighter, a doctor…. I was proudly exclaiming that I wanted to be a real estate agent! I wanted to be a part of people’s story when purchasing their home. I feel so honored that I get to do that now.

Most would say I’m funny and an all around happy person. I’m excited to wake up every single morning! I always have a smile on my face and a sunny disposition.

Through my true passion and deep commitment to serving clients, I ensure that each of my clients receive exceptional representation and guidance throughout their transaction.

Alysa Mounce


Alysa Mounce moved to Keizer, Oregon from Twin Falls, Idaho in 2016. Having had close relationships for several years with both contractors and builders, real estate was a natural fit and she was first licensed in Idaho in 2014. With encouragement from her family and friends, she attained her license in Oregon and is now dually licensed in both states. In her free time Alysa loves spending time with her husband and children. You will frequently find them golfing, exploring the outdoors, attending concerts, traveling, and enjoying the remarkable beauty of Oregon together. Alysa has a passion for singing and is an accomplished vocalist. Grateful for an amazing and supportive community that welcomed her, Alysa makes sure new residents are also welcomed in the way that is customary of Oregon’s Willamette Valley residents.

Kyle Tomson