Melina Tomson

Principal Broker/Owner

Foodie, data geek, old home restorer, Mom of two, and top 5% real estate agent

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Principal Broker

Avid cyclist, dad of two, rocket-building enthusiast, investor, and agent

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Linda Rabe


Native Oregonian, mom, gardener, avid paddleboarder/kayaker, and agent.

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John Kirk-7 (2)

John Kirk

Principal Broker

Temporarily out of state, husband and dad, foodie, avid boater, fisherman

No one can claim to be the best REALTORS in Salem Oregon, but we are pretty darn good real estate agents if we can toot our own horn for a few minutes.  We firmly believe that consumers have different needs and wants in their agent and so the best real estate agent for one person might be different than another person’s ideal agent. That is why our agents are experienced, well trained, knowledgable, and have different personalities.   So take the time to read through the profiles and see which of us seems like the best fit for you.