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A home is your sense of place

I understand.  The real estate market can be confusing, but not with the right agent behind you.  The internet is filled with so much information it can be overwhelming and make you more anxious.  We can help you with that.  You might be frustrated trying to find those good agents you read about online. Maybe you have a friendly agent, but they just don’t know things that you expect them to know.  We are real estate advisors and redefine what hiring a real estate agent means.  We are agents that take pride in knowing our cities inside and out and studying our local real estate markets so you don’t have to.   We spend our time staying on top of information so you don’t have to spend your precious time trying to decipher the local market.  You have other things to spend your time doing rather than double-checking everything your agent does. Who wants to do that?

  • You want real estate advisors: real guidance in the transaction. Should you buy or not buy? We will tell you the truth. We know you can handle it.
  • You want us to know our local neighborhoods inside and out. You want a place to call home, not just a house to live in.
  • You want us to know data and interpret trends because you worked hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on a bad real estate decision.
  • You want us to know what developments are going in where for new construction in case they are going to build apartments on that lot behind your new home.
  • You don’t want us to use scripts or slick sales pitches and pressure tactics on you.  Respect is what you are after as you are paying us for service.
  • You want good quality and effective marketing for the sale of your home.  You can put a for sale sign in your yard and see what happens. Surely there is more than that.
  • You want more advice on a home purchase other than “here is the kitchen.” We can do that too, but you deserve and want more.
  • You want a proven track record of quality.
  • You want investors who know how to run the numbers for profitable investments.
  • You want to check us out, maybe get to know us a bit before you talk to us by reading or listening to us on our blog, vlogs, or podcast for you to peruse on your own time.

We are ready to chat when you are.

A midcentury modern home in Salem OR called the star house

In an industry focused on production quotas…
we focus on producing satisfied clients.

In an industry focused on top producers…
we focus on putting our clients on top.

In an industry focused on lead generation…
we focus on generating evangelists.

We strive for excellence and earn every 5-star rating given to us by a client one star at a time. We are not perfect, but we learn about everything related to real estate in Salem and the surrounding cities.  I have these standards for myself and expect them from the agents at my brokerage.  We are more than just door openers.