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In an industry where being large is coveted, I am intentionally small and boutique. Tired of watching brokerages be in the business of hiring an insane amount of agents rather than the business of serving customers, I realized that I wanted to run my brokerage differently.

Armed with a vision, I launched Tomson Burnham, LLC in 2007. My vision: To have a brokerage representing only excellence in real estate representation to consumers. A true real estate brand in which a consumer can hire any agent at the firm and get nothing but excellence. To fully embrace the words real estate advisors and redefine what hiring a real estate agent means to consumers. I won’t make claims that I am the largest brokerage in the area because I’m not, by choice. I won’t claim that I have the most agents in town because I don’t, by choice. What I will claim is that I aspire to be the best and insist that the agents at my company set this same standard for themselves.

  • Any agent at my company has to commit to standards of service. Consumers want real estate advisors: real guidance in the transaction.
  • Agents that know our local neighborhoods inside and out.
  • Agents that don’t use scripts or slick sales pitches, just genuine, good representation.
  • Agents that deliver good quality and effective marketing for the sale of their home.
  • Agents that offer more advice on a home purchase other than “here is the kitchen.” They want a proven track record of quality.
  • Agents who are investors, for clients that are interested in real estate investing. We know how to run the numbers for profitable investments.
  • Agents that share their knowledge via blog and podcast for you to peruse on your own time.


We provide all of this to our clients.  We have one of the highest transactions per agent ratios in the WVMLS with 16.2 transactions per agent in 2021. Just to give you an idea, the top three largest brokerages by sales had 8 transactions per agent, 10.9 transactions per agent, and 4.4 transactions per agent.  I don’t want you working with an agent that doesn’t know what they are doing. You have worked too hard to save your money to buy or sell a home with an agent that sells 1-2 homes a year.

We are a mighty boutique brokerage!

In an industry focused on production quotas…
we focus on producing satisfied clients.

In an industry focused on top producers…
we focus on putting our clients on top.

In an industry focused on lead generation…
we focus on generating evangelists.

We strive for excellence and earn every 5-star rating given to us by a client one star at a time. We are not perfect, but we learn about everything related to real estate in Salem and the surrounding cities.  I have these standards for myself and expect them from the agents at my brokerage.  We are more than just door openers.

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