Hourly rate real estate agents Salem Oregon

What is an hourly fee agent?

One size doesn’t fit all. When it comes to real estate services, not everyone has the same needs. Maybe a co-worker wants to buy your house. Maybe you want to buy your neighbor’s house for a child. Maybe you are out of the area and want full real estate services from start to finish. Sometimes buyers and sellers have come together without using a real estate agent, here in Salem Oregon, but don’t want to go it alone.

Unlike large franchises, my small brokerage is flexible and can give you the kind of services that you want depending upon your needs. In addition to the traditional commission model, we also offer full representation services for an hourly rate. Hourly rate services are billed monthly and are a better lower-cost option for real estate representation than the traditional commission model. Fees are charged in 15-minute increments and billed at the beginning of the month. Buyers and sellers can save a lot of money on real estate services by paying an hourly rate option instead of the all-or-nothing real estate commission model.

Clients that have used that method for paying for services have been buyers and sellers of For Sale By Owner properties, but it wouldn’t exclude sellers or buyers that haven’t found or sold their homes yet.

If you want traditional services, we have you covered. If you want something different, we have that too. Contact us to find out what your options are.