Homes in the Court-Chemeketa Historic District Neighborhood

Some people cringe at the thought of new construction. For those lovers of old homes, the Court-Chemeketa Historic District neighborhood here in Salem Oregon has some gorgeous homes. Located just off the downtown area, Court-Chemeketa is located near coffee shops, a grocery store, bistros, Willamette University, the Oregon State Capitol, and Salem Health Hospital, and is a highly walkable neighborhood.

A living room in Court-Chemeketa Historic District

A living room in Court-Chemeketa Historic District

This neighborhood is on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district. As such special rules apply if you plan to live in this neighborhood. Some of the historic district sits in a FEMA flood plain and so flood insurance is required for some homes in order to obtain a loan. From Stick Victorian to Arts and Crafts, to Federal, to Four Square, this neighborhood has its share of architectural styles well represented. The neighborhood gets split between the Richmond and Bush elementary schools, but both feed into Leslie Middle and South Salem High Schools.

a restored kitchen in Court-Chemeketa Historic District



Home prices in the Court-Chemeketa Historic District

The small cottages in the historic district will be priced in the $450,000 price range and some of the larger homes will go into the $750,000 range. You can find smaller fixers under $400,000 in this neighborhood if you are looking for a renovation project.

Neighborhood Life

One of the big draws of living in Court Chemeketa is its proximity to everything. Walk over to Word of Mouth Bistro and grab some of their creme brulee french toast for breakfast. You are also close to the Sassy Onion, Patty’s Off-Center Cafe, and Adam’s Ribs. Downtown and the state office buildings are on the other side of 12th street and the Saturday Market is an easy stroll from March-October.

Part of the neighborhood goes into Richmond Elementary and part into Bush Elementary but both feed into Leslie Middle School and South High. Like its counterpart on the other side of Mission, Bush Park, Court Chemeketa has gorgeous large old homes rather than the smaller bungalows that can be found in Richmond and Grant.