Homes in the Richmond Neighborhood

Richmond is the central neighborhood in Salem Oregon that runs from 12th street through 25th street between Mission and State streets. Richmond traditionally has been a neighborhood in trouble. In fact, some residents have locally referred to this neighborhood as “felony flats.” Don’t let this old nickname dissuade you, though. Old names die hard. Richmond is a turning neighborhood. This neighborhood has an active group of neighbors who are very involved with the local neighborhood association. You can see the link on this page to read more about what they are doing.

Capital Park, which is subsection of Richmond, has already turned. Homes have been fixed up and middle class professionals such as attorneys, teachers, etc. have settled in this area. There is still work to do in this neighborhood, but if the thought of going into an up and coming neighborhood is exciting to you, then this neighborhood would be a great choice. With its proximity to downtown, this neighborhood has incredible potential with its gorgeous tree lined streets and older historic homes. Mission Mill is just at the end of the neighborhood and Willamette University and state offices are across the street from the end of the neighborhood.


Home prices in Richmond

Some of the extreme fixers in this neighborhood have sold for $50,000, but most homes are in the $150,000-$250,000 range. There have been a few completely renovated homes, but most will need some degree of work.

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Neighborhood Characteristics

  • Lush tree lined streets
  • Old character homes
  • Flat lots
  • Mill Creek runs through park of the neighborhood
  • Active neighborhood association

Neighborhood Life

Local Schools

Neighborhood Association

Nearby Dining/Cafe

Nearby Entertainment

Local universities

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