Real estate in the Terrace Green Neighborhood

The Terrace Green neighborhood is one of those communities that you would never know existed because it is hidden in Keizer Oregon. This neighborhood was one of the first planned open-space communities in the state of Oregon. It was developed in the late 1960s and the first homes were built starting in 1969 and ending in 1990.

Terrace Green has 96 homes that are part of this community, 8 of them are townhomes the rest are single-family homes. The community does have an HOA with dues. The HOA is run by the Terrace Green Association. The dues pay for a community pool, clubhouse, basketball court, playground, grounds maintenance, and walking paths. Four acres of open space link all the small community cul-de-sacs together. The community is small therefore homes are not on the market often. Terrace Green is only one of three neighborhoods in Salem/Keizer that have a community building and pool as part of the HOA. Battlecreek Commons in South Salem is similar in amenities and Kooskooskee is similar in its green spaces.

A terrace Green neighborhood home


Real estate prices for Terrace Green

In 2022, the median home price was $400,000.  The homes in the community are reasonably priced with most falling in the $350,000-$475,000 price range.


Neighborhood Life

Located between Wheatland and River Road, this area has good highway access for commuters. It is also close to amenities so grocery shopping and medical care are fairly close by minimizing driving. There is a direct bus route to downtown Salem as well that stops on River Road making it possible to do grocery shopping and errands using public transportation. Otherwise, it is a car-dependent neighborhood.

The neighborhood feeds into a desirable neighborhood school system- Clear Lake Elementary, Whiteaker Middle School, and McNary High School. While Clear Lake is close to the neighborhood, due to the structure of the neighborhood with a series of non-connected cul-de-sacs, there is no neighborhood route to the school. Students would need to be on River or Wheatland Rd to get to where the school is located.