The National Reigster

Our office is on the National Register of Historic Places from 1895 and we love old homes. Picture rail, leaded and stained glass, detailed trim work, and built-ins are just some of the charm that comes along with these old beauties.  They aren’t for everyone as they won’t ever be as energy efficient as a new construction home and you have to understand the rules of the historic districts.

a historic home in the historic district

The craftsmanship of old homes can be jaw-dropping when you think about how they made all of it without machines. All of those details are handmade, but that comes with a price.  When it comes time to do repairs, it often means heading to one of the custom mills and having specialty parts made for your repairs.   If you are one of those home buyers that love the idea of restoring an old home and are willing to keep those detail, consider living in one of Salem’s designated historic districts or heritage districts.   We have two residential National Historic Districts Bush Park/Gaity Hill and Court-Chemeketa  We have two heritage districts in Capital Park/Richmond and in Grant.


a historic home in the historic district

Living by the rules

Buying in historic districts comes with some rules. Within Salem, we have homes on the National Register of Historic Places, National Historic Districts, and then homes on the local historic register.  This last group are homes that the city has deemed historically important and they have the same requirements as homes with national designations.  The goal of the historic district is to preserve a piece of our past. Maintaining the essence of these homes is part of agreeing to live there and it is important to determine what you can and can’t do with the property.  It is possible that a previous owner did something to the property while it was on the register and if the home is sold, the new buyer will have to correct it at some point.

Historic homes can be charming and cozy, and Salem has many offerings from small cottages to Queen Ann Victorians, foursquare, to Arts and Craft Homes which all create an interesting look to our National Historic Districts.