Homes in the Northgate Neighborhood

The Northgate neighborhood historically has been one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the City of Salem.  It is situated around the Fairgrounds and industrial areas off of Portland Rd. There is a section of residential homes south of Portland Rd that were built in the 1950s at the same time as the Lansing Neighborhood.  Some streets in Northgate have well-maintained homes and yards, and others just a block over, can have homes that are in disrepair.

A northgate Neighborhood fixer home

Northgate Neighborhood fixer home

There are several fixer-uppers in this area. Due to its affordability, there are several longtime homeowners in this neighborhood. Many of the homes have really large lots as they were generally built in the 1950 and 1960 decades.

Northgate is located between Portland and Silverton roads and bordered by the I-5 freeway and where Portland Rd. and Silverton Rd. converge. The neighborhood is located across Silverton Road from the fairgrounds and has excellent access to the Kroc Center as well as freeway access.  If you enjoy attending events or work at the fairgrounds and don’t want to have to worry about parking, this neighborhood allows for that.  Northgate does not rank particularly high as a walkable neighborhood, but it does have many amenities within a short drive.


Salem Oregon home prices in Northgate

The median home price in Northgate was $340,000 in 2022.  Homes are very inexpensive and most homes are between $300,000-$400,000 in this area. This is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Salem Oregon.

Neighborhood Life


The Northgate neighborhood is in the Hallman Elementary, Waldo MS, and McKay HS feeder systems.

Nearby Parks

The local park is Northgate Park with Lansing Park and McKay Park close by as well.

Neighborhood Association

This neighborhood is part of the Northgate neighborhood association with the City of Salem.

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