Lansing Neighborhood real estate

Located in central/north Salem Oregon is the Lansing Neighborhood. An older neighborhood with larger lots, this neighborhood is made up of homes that are mostly under 1500 sq feet and one story.  Homes were mostly built in the 1950s so they generally have the mid-century box look with oak floors and one car garages.  The big draw is some of the larger lots that are located within the neighborhood and there are often additional shops on the lots.

A midcentury home in the Lansing Neighborhood.

Just north of Sunnyview and sandwiched between I-5 and Evergreen, Lansing has good access to the highway or public transportation. Residents are generally long time residents so there are opportunities for sweat-equity home purchases in this neighborhood. It is a really good location for homeowners that need to go up and down the freeway for work as access is within 5 minutes of the neighborhood.

It is not a particularly walkable neighborhood as it doesn’t have restaurants within a mile, but there are many amenities within a 5-minute drive from the neighborhood including the Kroc Center.



Lansing home prices

Houses in the Lansing neighborhood are under $250,000-$400,000 for the most part. You will find a few of the larger homes more expensive, but this is a very affordable neighborhood.

Neighborhood Characteristics
  • Large lots
  • Many streets lack sidewalks
  • Homes are varied from great condition to poor condition
Neighborhood Life