Alderbrook Neighborhood

The Alderbrook Neighborhood is nestled in off Commercial Street in South Salem Oregon. This neighborhood is one of those neighborhoods that you won’t know exists by just driving by it.  The name of the main street in the neighborhood says it all, Welcome Way. Images from a storybook evolve from there with street names like Snow White Way and Stagecoach. Alderbrook has a couple of smaller subdivisions in its bounds, including The Woods and The Palisades. Towering trees create a canopy blending nature and living space, but not all of the trees are large forest-style fir trees.  The earliest phase has maples and oaks similar to what you would find in Candalaria and Laurel Springs.


Homes in this neighborhood are larger as are the lots. It has some large one-story homes which are popular with homeowners as people can live in them for a very long time.  When they come up for sale, they are often dated as someone has generally lived in the home for 20-50 years.  With the good South Salem schools, close to Commercial street for dining, entertainment, and groceries, real estate doesn’t come up for sale very often in the neighborhood.  Residents buy and then stay for long periods of time, giving this neighborhood a lot of stability.

The Courtside Community is a set of townhomes in the neighborhood and offers a lower-priced option for living in the area.  Homes have small private yards with nicely maintained greenspace lots in the community.  They don’t come up for sale often and the HOA dues have been reasonable in the past for this community.



Home prices in Alderbrook

In 2022, the median home price in the Alderbrook neighborhood was $610,000.  Most homes are in the $550,000-$675,000 range. The condo units are under $400,000 for the most part and there are much more expensive homes in the neighborhood as well.  It isn’t a large neighborhood so there are not a lot of home sales each year.

Neighborhood Life

Alderbrook is in a highly desirable school feeder system. It is in Wright Elementary, Judson Middle, and Sprague High systems.  It has great access to Trader Joe’s, Winco, and other places for grocery shopping. With the Commercial street businesses all close by, there is no lack of access to restaurants and coffee shops as well.

It is part of the Faye Wright neighborhood association which is a city civic association and not an HOA.