Country Glen Neighborhood

Country Glen neighborhood in Keizer Oregon is made up of homes constructed in the 1990 time frame. Country Glen is a non-HOA community, which can be appealing to buyers. Another aspect of Country Glen that is appealing is the local park off Parkside. The park has walking paths that extend through other neighborhoods and a small bridge that goes over the creek to Gubser Elementary School. This makes this area very “walk-friendly” for joggers, walkers, dog walks, etc. This is a nice feature because, like most Keizer neighborhoods, this is a car-dependent neighborhood for shopping and dining. Being able to walk around the neighborhood can minimize the impact of car dependence.

A Country Glen Home

Like most of Keizer, Country Glen is pretty flat


Real estate prices for Country Glen

In 2022, the median home price in the Country Glen neighborhood was $433,500.  Homes are generally in the $400,000-$475,000 price range and some homes will have upgraded amenities such as granite counters and hardwood floors.

Neighborhood Characteristics
  • 1990-2000 Construction
  • Nearby Park
  • One and two-story homes
  • Affordable finish level
Neighborhood Life

Local Schools

Fitness Club

  • Courthouse Fitness

Local Parks

  • Country Glen Park

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