Okay, I made a few changes on my sidebar that I wanted all my readers, all 3 of you, to know about.

Tomson Burnahm iPhone appFirst is my iPhone app. Yes, I love my iPhone and I am doing a little trial run with a Salem Oregon metro area home search iPhone application. You can search my IDX site for a home from the iPhone app, but I don’t think that is the coolest feature. The reason I decided to give it a try was the Property Feedback feature.

You know how when you are out and about tooling around and you see a house you like for sale, or you think “what a great neighborhood?”  With the iPhone 3G app, you can click on a button that says “I like this property” or “I like this neighborhood.” It shoots an email off to me to let me know where you are, and I can then look for real estate in that neighborhood for you. No more…”Well, Melina, it’s that neighborhood with the big lush trees and ranch style homes down south.”

It sounds like a cool idea…not sure if it works, so if you have an iPhone and are willing to do a test run for me, I’d love to see how this works. It could be a great tool for iPhone users during their Salem Oregon area home search.

Salemites.comThe next change is finally adding the Salemites.com widget to my sidebar.  SalemMan from the EatSalem blog invited me to join Salemites.com.  If you are living in Salem or you are wanting to relocate here, it is a great sample of the types of folks that live in Salem Oregon.  The widget scrolls with different Salemites blogs and such.  You can click through and it will take you to any of them.   It’s a great resource, and I encourage you all to check out what other Salem bloggers are saying.


  1. Wish you would hurry up and buy that new IPhone for me so I can try that cool application (maybe you can help me find my way when I’m lost too). Seriously, sounds like a cool application! I’m going to have to check out and see what other Salemites are saying too!

    • Dear readers please use Margaret Oscilia for your local staging needs so that she can buy an iPhone and try my cool new application…

      Okay Margaret I made my plug for you! 🙂

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