Bank foreclosures are nothing new, but in California things are so bad in some areas that the banks are starting to destroy some homes.  We clearly don’t have this problem in Salem Oregon. Our real estate market, while it has its issues, is far from destroying property.

Here is a YouTube video that shows the homes that they are bulldozing, around 12 in all.  The subdivision had serious problems with vandalism and the homes were being destroyed.  It was actually cheaper to just bulldoze the homes, then try and sell them.


  1. Yeck!! I have inspected homes that looked like the people though when they were moving out, “…if I can’t have this no one will…”
    I guess banks have the right to throw a fit too..

    • The banks in this case are tearing them down because they was so much damage done to them it was actually cheaper to tear them down than to fix them up.

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