Wilark Park West Neighborhood

The Salem-Keizer area has two Wilark Park neighborhoods, one in West Salem and one in Keizer. The one in West Salem is the Wilark Park West Neighborhood. You will know you are in Wilark Park when you hit the cluster of British-themed “W” streets: Wembley, Westminster, Winchester, etc. Most of the homes are one-story homes in the neighborhood with a smattering of two-story homes, a section of which backs up to greenspace.

This neighborhood is across the street from Brush College Park and just down the street from the elementary school. The subdivision itself started to be developed in the late 1970 range and continued on into the 1980s There are approximately 7 phases altogether in this neighborhood. Homes and landscaping have had a chance to mature, so larger trees and mature plants are part of this neighborhood. There is not a significant amount of turnover in the neighborhood. Like almost all West Salem neighborhoods, Wilark Park West is a car-dependent neighborhood.

Real estate prices in Wilark Park West

Real estate in the neighborhood is fairly affordable. Homes are generally priced in the $325,000-$400,000 range.

Neighborhood Characteristics
  • Mature Landscaping
  • 1970 construction
  • Long time residents
Neighborhood Life

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