Homes in the West Meadows Estates Neighborhood

The West Meadows Estates Neighborhood is a newer construction home development that started around 2006 with construction and continues with some new construction today. Real estate in this subdivision is higher-end homes and there is an architectural review committee for building in this neighborhood. Granite counters, hardwood floors, and exterior masonry are all common amenities.

Numerous builders have built homes here and as such, home styles and architecture vary greatly. West Meadows Estates does have an HOA, as well as, Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&R’s) for maintaining the entrances and walls into the neighborhood.  The CC&Rs have common requirements such as putting RV’s behind fences, masonry requirements on the exterior, etc.

The terrain of the neighborhood is hilly so lots generally have some slope and you will see up and downslope home plans within the neighborhood. Homes tend to be large with fewer one-story homes in the area.


Home prices in West Meadows Estates

Homes are more expensive in this neighborhood and tend to range in the $400,000-$575,000 range

Neighborhood Characteristics
  • Newer construction
  • HOA and CC&R’s
  • Walkable to West Salem High
Neighborhood Life

Local Schools


Area Grocery Store

Neighborhood Association

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