Real estate in the Chatnika Heights Neighborhood

Chatnika Heights is a large neighborhood in the West Salem Oregon hills.  Development of this neighborhood started in the 1960’s and ran through the early 2000’s.  As such there is a wide range of architectural home styles, variation in landscaping, and home size.  One of the large attractions of the neighborhood is the larger lot size offered by many of the homes. Lots in Salem Oregon generally aren’t large due to the urban growth boundaries.  This neighborhood tends to offer lots in the .20 to .30 acre range, which is large for Salem Oregon.

Most homes are well maintained and cared for in the neighborhood and you will often see residents out walking around. Residents tend to live in homes for a long period of time so homes that need some updating is not uncommon in the area.  The neighborhood is car dependent, like almost all West Salem Oregon neighborhoods. It doesn’t have a local neighborhood park, but Eola Heights Park is fairly close by. Solid schools, stable neighborhood, good home resale, and larger lots are the characteristics of this neighborhood.


Real estate prices in Chatnika Heights

Real estate is widely varied in price, but typically homes range from the $180,000-$300,000 price range.

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Neighborhood Characteristics

  • Several phases over time
  • Larger lots
  • Very car dependent

Neighborhood Life

Local Schools


Area Grocery Store

Neighborhood Association

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