Homes in the Highland Neighborhood

Just to the north of the downtown core and the Grant Neighborhood, and within a few blocks of the Broadway district lies the Highland neighborhood.  This neighborhood, like the district around it, is in transition.  Like Grant and Richmond/Capital Park, Highland is a city-designated Heritage Neighborhood due to the many cottages that are in the neighborhood.  Driving down the street you will see renovated Craftsman bungalows next to a home still needing someone to care for it.  As such, home prices are still affordable in the area.

Historic bungalow in the Highland Neighborhood

Historic bungalow in the Highland Neighborhood

If you are looking to restore an old home, then this neighborhood might work for you. Homebuyers looking for a transitional neighborhood for long-term investment purposes should consider the Highland neighborhood as a possible option.  The neighborhood association is an active association working to bring the community together.

Highland has some tree-lined streets, but there are opportunities to talk to the urban forester about planting some street trees on some of the streets to create that beautiful tree-lined street look.  The city does have restrictions on street trees but there are ample options to choose from.



Salem Oregon home prices in Highland

The median home price in Highland for 2022 was $340,000. Most homes sell in the $300,000-$400,000 price range and you can get fixers for under $200,000 in this neighborhood.

Neighborhood Characteristics
  • Older homes
  • Improving neighborhood
  • Good bikeability to downtown Salem.
  • Less walkable than Grant
  • Options for homebuyers wanting sweat equity and investors
Neighborhood Life

Local Schools

Local Parks

Neighborhood Association

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