Homes in the Jory Hills Estates Neighborhood

With street names like Windmill and Pond, a quiet and tranquil neighborhood seems appropriate. Located off of Ruggles in south Salem, the Jory Hills Estates Neighborhood is a non-HOA neighborhood of small acreage properties. With approximately 1.5-2 acre parcels, this neighborhood gives you space from your neighbors while still giving you neighbors.

Built out in the late 1990s to early 2000s, all of the homes here are custom homes so the architecture is quite varied.  Unlike some of the other acreage subdivisions, the homes in this neighborhood aren’t nestled behind a lot of trees. The lots are flatter and more usable and meant for small acreage living.  It feels more like a subdivision with large lots rather than living out in the middle of nowhere.



Home prices in Jory Hills Estates

Homes are generally in the $650,000+ range in this neighborhood.

Homes currently for sale in Jory Hills

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