Homes in the Ironwood Estates Neighborhood

When most people hear the word woods, they think of either forests or golf. Here in Salem Oregon if you are in the woods, meaning Valleywood, Ironwood, and Cherrywood then you have officially entered the Ironwood Estates Neighborhood. A cluster of streets ending in wood = Ironwood Estates.

Located in South Salem, this neighborhood surrounds Sumpter Elementary school. One of the defining characteristics as you drive down Valleywood is the tree-lined streets: Cottonwood tree-lined streets. A white cottonwood seed blizzard occurs every late spring and a stunning display of colors occurs every fall. The neighborhood is a very active neighborhood and you will often see people out and about, walking dogs and gardening.

The neighborhood is very stable and residents live here for a long time. Most of the homes were built in the 1980s and 1990s and homes that back to the creek have larger yards. Those homes sell very quickly due to the space given by the riparian corridor.  As such, it is considered a desirable neighborhood to live in and homes tend to sell quickly even in slower markets. In 2022, the median home price was $483,250.  Most homes in this neighborhood range from around $450,000-$600,000 depending on size.



Neighborhood Characteristics

The neighborhood is very flat with few hills. It does have Sumpter Elementary School and a park within its bounds.  It feeds into Crossler Middle School and Sprague High School which are a short distance away from the neighborhood.  It is part of the City of Salem’s South Gateway neighborhood association which is a civic association and not an HOA. There is no HOA for Ironwood Estates.  Home buyers considering Ironwood Estates sometimes look at Sunnyridge as well. Although it has older housing stock.