The Salem Heights neighborhood is a moderately priced neighborhood located in South-central Salem Oregon. With mostly ranch-style homes, Salem Heights has long-standing residents as homes are livable for a long time. Salem Heights has easy access to grocery stores and daily needs as it is right off Liberty Road. It does have a park inside the neighborhood that is easily accessible with a walking path around it. Homes are typically affordable in this neighborhood and generally run in the $400,000-$600,000 range. Most will need some kind of updating work.

A Salem Heights Neighborhood home

The area is a couple of minutes’ driving time to Roths grocery stores and it can be walked to a longer walk if desired. The bus service is easy to access on Liberty Road as that is a main arterial route. Salem Heights neighborhood is located close to a popular local dining spot: McMenamin’s Thompson’s Brewery. It would be an easy walk from most of the neighborhood.  Due to its ease of access, large lots, and one-story homes, real estate in Salem Heights tends to sell well similar to the Morningside neighborhood close by.




Neighborhood Life in Salem Heights

The neighborhood feeds into Salem Heights, Crossler MS, and Sprague HS. It isn’t a walkable neighborhood, but it does have Fircrest City Park easily accessible in the neighborhood. This is a very small neighborhood park.  Thompsons’ Brewery is close by and Roths and Fred Meyer are close for grocery shopping.


Due to the close proximity to Liberty, it has good access to public transportation for people wanting to use it.  Cycling can be dangerous on LIberty and Commercial due to poor/non-existent bike lanes, but you can weave through the neighborhoods to get to Lifesource and cross near Roths Vista for grocery shopping.