Real estate in the Willamette Manor Neighborhood

The Willamette Manor neighborhood is on the southwestern edge of Keizer Oregon. The development of the neighborhood started in the 1970s and the Willamette Manor condos (approximately 34 units) and surrounding homes were built during that time frame. As such, one of the defining characteristics of the neighborhood is mature landscaping. This neighborhood has an excellent tree canopy for Keizer, which is common for Keizer, and has stunning fall colors as a result.

Real estate here, whether a home or condo doesn’t come up for sale often. Homes are generally under $450,000 and most are one-story homes. As such they tend to sell fairly well. The condos rarely come on the market and sell quickly when they do. The homes have larger lots (some as large as .50 acres) so they go on and off the market quickly when they come up for sale. Homeowners in this neighborhood have lived in their homes for a long time, so it is common for the homes to need some updates.

A Willamette Manor neighborhood home


Home prices in Willamette Manor

In 2022, one home came up for sale in the neighborhood and sold for $430,000. None of the condos came on the market in 2022.


Neighborhood Life

The neighborhood is close to the Willamette Manor pool which is a private outdoor pool and memberships can be purchased. It is also close to Willamette Manor Park and Wallace House Park.  Like Manbrin Gardens to the north, this neighborhood is close to River Road for quick access to coffee shops, grocery stores, fitness centers, and restaurants. Most of these are walkable from the neighborhood. The schools are close to the Manbrin Gardens neighborhood so they are a bit farther away. Students could ride a bike through the neighborhood to get to Cummings Elementary and McNary High School.  The middle school is Claggett Creek Middle School is farther away.