Is it time?

Maybe it is time to sell your bigger home and downsize.  Downsize means different things to different people. All of the following things might be downsizing depending on where you are right now.

  • If you lived on 20 acres for the past few decades, then downsizing might mean 1-5 acres.
  • Some of you will want a cozy 2 bedroom cottage walkable to downtown maybe in Grant or Englewood
  • Some of you will want 2,500 sq feet because you are coming from 5,000.
  • You have a two-story home and want a one-story ranch in the same neighborhood.
  • Are you wanting to be a snowbird? Condo living might be the right choice for you.

When talking about downsizing there is no right or wrong, just what works for you.  Downsizing often takes time to decide what you want.  We work with people for years sometimes, finding the right property to buy.  If you want to start getting some current and coming soon listings that are the right size for you, just fill out the form below especially the comments.

Salem? or a surrounding town?
Small acreage?
One story home?

Tell us what downsizing means to you and we will get you started.


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