Real estate in Macleay Estates Neighborhood

The Macleay Estates Neighborhood is easily found if you like horses. With the ongoing theme streets that we have here in Salem, this neighborhood follows the trends. Look for Arabian, Palomino, Polo, Seattle Slew, Shetland, you get the gist. Before you wonder why there isn’t a street named Belmont, Preakness, or Derby, I think the developer covered it with the Triple Crown Apartments at the edge of the neighborhood.

Homes here are small usually ranging in the 1000-1300 sq feet range and were almost all built between 1978-1982. Incredible affordability is the draw of this neighborhood along with easy access to schools, highways and Cordon Rd.  The neighborhood is flat and easily walkable with Houck MS located across the street from the entrance to the neighborhood.



Real estate prices in Macleay Estates

Home prices vary depending on when they were built, but generally, homes are in the $300,000-$400,000 range making it a very affordable neighborhood.

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Neighborhood Characteristics
  • One story homes
  • Good highway access
  • Small-sized homes
  • Built-in the late 70s early 80s
Neighborhood Life

Local Schools

Local Grocery Store

  • Winco

Neighborhood Association


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