Homestead Neighborhood

Salem has a long tradition of themed streets in our subdivisions and the Homestead neighborhood is no exception. Plow, Hearth, Great Plains, Oregon Trail, et al and then the seemingly out of place Fuhrer. Located over in east Salem this neighborhood has one and two-story homes that were built starting in the 1990s and continued into the 2000s. Homes range from 1500 sq feet to 3,000 sq feet so there is a wide variety within its bounds.

Easy access to Yoshikai Elementary for school (which has a great school rating of 7), and Cordon rd for those commuting via the highway.



Home prices in Homestead

Home prices in Homestead are moderately affordable, with most homes selling in the $350,000 – $450,000 range.

Neighborhood Characteristics
  • Built-in 1990-2005
  • One and two-story homes
  • Traditional architecture
  • Nearby Parkdale Park which is mostly undeveloped and close to the school for access to its park.
  • Good highway access
Neighborhood Life

Local Schools

  • Yoshikai Elementary
  • Stephens MS
  • McKay HS

Neighborhood Association

  • Northgate Neighborhood Association has a bizarre boundary lines. If you live on Mink or Plow in Homestead you belong to this neighborhood association but other other parts of the subdivision are not part of it.