Homes in Green Hills East neighborhood

The Green Hills East neighborhood was developed in the 1970s as a subdivision with horse owners in mind. Bridle trails were woven throughout the subdivision and easements were created on all properties to allow for horse trails. While they are technically not an easement anymore, homeowners still use them and they are maintained for residents to use.  There is no HOA in this neighborhood.

Located in southeast Salem, Green Hills East feeds into the Cascade school district. Properties are generally in the 3-7 acre size and you will see horses, alpacas, and other animals throughout this acreage subdivision. Homes generally sell well in this area due to the desirable community, varied and well-maintained properties, and close-in location.

Green Hills EastNeighborhood Home

Green Hills East Home



Home prices in Green Hills

Homes come up for sale about once or twice a year in this neighborhood. They are generally in the $700,000+ range depending upon the condition.


Neighborhood Characteristics
  • Varied architecture
  • Acreage Subdivision
  • Bridle trails
  • Good highway access
  • Cascade school district

Neighborhood Life

While Green Hills East is technically in Salem, it does feed into Aumsville Elementary, Cascade Junior High, and Cascade High School unlike  Spring Lake Estates, which feeds into the Jefferson school district.   People live in this neighborhood for the close proximity to the highway and amenities while still living on acreage outside city limits. Even though it has good highway access, it is quiet in the neighborhood.  It is about 7-10 minutes to get to Costco, Trader Joes, or Winco and all of the amenities on Commercial and Kuebler in Salem.  Wineries are also close by as are u-pick produce farms for whatever you can’t or don’t want to grow yourself.  Healthcare is also close by with Salem Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, and Praxis Health all within 15 minutes of this subdivision.