Diving Goose at Minto BrownLast weekend was the first fabulous weekend here in Salem Oregon. Like many other Salemites, my family headed to Minto-Brown to ride around the great bike/walking paths they have there.

Armed with my camera, I took several shots of some geese and ducks that were playing in the pond at the park.   A passerby said there had been some Canadian Geese there the day before.

My daughter loves looking at my photos, and when she saw this photo exclaimed “hey, it’s a duck butt.”   She thought it was a funny photo.

So if you are looking to relocate to Salem Oregon and are trying to figure out what our city has to offer, rest assured that at Minto-Brown park you can have a picnic, go on the great bike paths, take your dog off-leash in the dog area, and see the occasional “duck butt. ”