I’m glad to see that the Keizer Oregon real estate market is back to the normal stats that we have had for a while now.  Last month was a funky month in real estate in Keizer, no other words for it.  Inventory corrected itself from that odd 25-month number to 10.2 months.  This is more inline with where Keizer has been for a while now.

  • 30

    Day Absorption Rate
    21 Up
    Inventory 10.2
    Sold Price
    $210,538 Down
    Sold Price
    $185,000 Down
    DOM 114 Down

The median home priced has dropped 14.3% from last month and a total of 15.5% since January 2009.  I can tell you that the drop in inventory is commensurate with home buying up there.  There have been some huge price drops on homes in Keizer and those homes got snatched up quickly.

While this drop may seem steep, if you look at the end of 2008 numbers, Keizer did not correct at all last year.  Rather than doing the smaller corrections that Salem did last year, there was a giant plunge at the start of this year.

If you are a Keizer Oregon seller, just remember that there are buyers out there.  You just need to be priced right for the condition of your home. Buyers, there are some good deals to be had in Keizer, but you have to be ready to see them quickly.  They are getting snatched up!