Homes in the Breckenridge Heights Neighborhood

This west Salem Oregon neighborhood is up in the hills.  With lush landscaping and mature trees, this neighborhood lives up to its natural roots.  Streets like HooDoo and Breckenridge bring up images of ski slopes.  While the exteriors of some of the homes may appear nondescript, the interiors are often architecturally interesting with vaulted ceilings and amazing views.

The Breckenridge neighborhood is mostly built in the 1980-1990 range, with some newer subdivisions that have been built in recent years.   Like most West Salem Oregon neighborhoods, real estate here is not walkable.  Walkable meaning you don’t need a car to go to restaurants, shopping, etc.  This is a car-dependent neighborhood, but this is true of almost all West Salem neighborhoods as well.


Home prices in Breckenridge Heights

Home prices are fairly moderate and range from $180,000-$300,000 or so.

Homes currently for sale in the Breckenridge Heights neighborhood

Neighborhood Characteristics

  • Lush neighborhood

Neighborhood Life

Local Schools


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Neighborhood Association

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