Welcome Dave Wiggers


Dave Wiggers is now a real estate agent with our brokerage. Dave and I have been chatting for over a year about him coming to the brokerage and sharing his incredible knowledge with our clients.   He has been in the construction industry for over 20 years and has built custom homes as well as doing high-end restorations for historic homes.  He is an investor who owns rental property so he is aware of landlord-tenant laws and market rents as well.

He has lived in Salem for 28 years and considers this area his home.  From Candalaria to Bush Park to Vernona Heights, he knows the city well.  His expertise in construction means he knows zoning inside and out, building codes, and the process for anything related to homes.  If you want to buy an acreage parcel to build your dream home, then Dave is your agent.  Looking to invest in multi-family, flip houses, or just want a fixer to make your own? Dave is your agent.  He can walk through homes with you and brings all of that knowledge with you to point out issues right away.

You can contact Dave to get started on your real estate needs.