I just wanted to let you know that Daniel Gonzalez recently joined the brokerage. I’m really excited to have his local expertise as part of our brokerage. He is Salem born and raised except for a stint away for college. He dotes on his family and his dog, but golf is pretty high on his list too. He is also an officer in the Oregon Army National Guard so he will leave us for his Guard weekends, but rest assured we will care for his clients while he goes and serves. You won’t be forgotten.

One of his client with our brokerage said, “From our very first phone call, Daniel’s demeanor and natural temperament to be helpful immediately put me at ease. The fact that Daniel also grew up near the Valleywood home, helped us feel confident we could Trust his knowledge and experience of the area and even explore other properties elsewhere in Salem, with his guidance.

We had very specific concerns relative to our health and safety as parents with an LGBTQ family member, as we are well aware of hate groups in different parts of Oregon. We addressed our concerns with Daniel and felt he listened and took our concerns seriously.
Selling one home and buying another is difficult enough but buying a home digitally AND out-of-state was epic! We believe that Daniel did everything possible to help ease our transition by keeping us informed, answering EVERY email in a timely manner, offering resources and his time to help satisfy our concerns. Daniel’s consistent, kind hearted attitude was a Welcomed breather in contrast to the experience we’d had with our local California broker. The few ‘hiccups’ we had along the way were quickly addressed by Daniel, which kept our communication moving forward positively!
From the first phone call to the day we finally arrived at our new home, it’s crystal clear that Daniel is committed to his job and loves being of service to his clients! We’re extremely Grateful for everything Daniel did to help us through this unique and personally intense time of BIG life change! We love the home and are excited to make it our own while we acclimate to the seasons of Oregon and enjoy our new surroundings, local eateries and natural discoveries.”
He is actively involved in the community and is on top of what is happening around town from “What is happening with Costco to what is happening with Creekside?” He knows his stuff!

If you are looking for an energetic, knowledgeable agent with local expertise, Daniel is it. You can contact him at Daniel@tomsonburnham.com, call 503-371-6515 X 5, or message him on social media.