Real estate in the Illahe Hills Neighborhood

The Illahe Hills Neighborhood is a residential neighborhood of mostly single-family luxury homes located in south Salem Oregon.  There are some condo units as well as one co-op located in the Illahe community as well.  The co-op within Illahe is one of two in the state of Oregon.  With all custom built homes in the Illahe community, Illahe has a lot of varied architectural styles throughout the subdivision.

Illahe has CC&R’s, but no HOA dues, except for one small section of single family homes that has a private park. This phase of Illahe has a small HOA fee to pay for that private park space.  The rules cover such things as RV parking, street parking, maintenance, and basic neighborhood quality items.

The Illahe country club is adjacent to this neighborhood.  The country club is private and membership is additional. Membership in Illahe country club is not required for living in the neighborhood. While they work in tandem, they are not requirements for living there. The country club does have a social membership that includes the use of the pool or a full membership for access to the golf course.



Real estate prices in Illahe Hills

Homes in Illahe generally are between $575,000-$1,000,000 with the condos and co-ops being less.  There are a few more expensive homes in there as well, and you can occasionally get a dated home for under $500,000.

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Neighborhood Characteristics
  • Golf community
  • Golf club membership is optional
  • CC&R’s
  • No HOA
  • Condos and single family homes
  • Upscale homes
Neighborhood Life

Neighborhood Association

Local Schools

Local Clubs

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