For Sale by Owner

Some Salem Oregon home owners choose to sell their home on their own, without the assistance of a real estate agent. Home owners can sell their homes on their own, if they are willing to put the required work and effort into marketing their home without a real estate agent.

What choice you make depends on…

  1. What kind of time you have to devote to the sale of your home
  2. What skills you have
  3. Whether or not you understand the real estate process here in Salem Oregon.

Some sellers are perfectly capable of selling their home on their own. Sellers who are successful in selling their own home tend to do the following:

Be internet savvy.

They understand the power of marketing on the internet and take advantage of that.

Read the laws.

Selling a home for sale by owner does not exempt a seller from following real estate laws.

Have sold a home before.

Homeowners that have never sold a home before can struggle to understand how to best prepare the home for sale. Successful FSBO’s tend to have sold a home before.

Are patient.

Most FSBO’s take a little longer to sell. There is no centralized way to find FSBO’s so it can take a bit longer to find them.

Can be objective.

One of the hardest things for sellers, in general, to do is to step back and look at the flaws of their home. Buyers don’t see a house filled with memories. Sellers that are successful FSBO’s are able to remove emotion from the equation.

Are reasonable.

Homeowners that understand the process and are reasonable can have very smooth successful FSBO transactions.

Selling a home without a real estate agent can be done, but it does take work and effort to market the home. Sellers that are successful at selling their home without an agent market their properties well and are reasonable.