Trying to decide if you should remodel or move?

The metro areas of Salem Oregon, Marion and Polk counties, all require permits for certain types of actions on homes. There are structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits that need to be obtained regardless of whom does the work. Remodeling without a permit can create problems for homeowners when they go to sell the property.

The process in this area is to file the permit and pay the permit fee. When the work has been completed, the city inspector comes out and approves the work done. When this process has occurred it is referred to as being “finaled” as in the final approval was issued.

Often times homeowners skip the permit process because they don’t realize that they still have to get permits even if they do their own work and they don’t want to have to wait for the inspector to come out and verify their work. The standard Oregon real estate contract disclosure form has a checkbox for whether or not any remodeling work was done and whether or not the permits were obtained.

Most buyers ask sellers to obtain the proper permits during a real estate transaction if they failed to get them earlier. This can create undue stress for sellers as they may have to correct problems that weren’t done correctly before. If setbacks are not met for additions or structures, it is possible that they would need to be removed. As such, if you are getting ready to sell a home here in the Salem Oregon area and didn’t get permits for some remodeling work you did, go through the process and get the items permitted with the local municipality.