Polk County Oregon

Located between the meandering Willamette River to the east and the mountains of the Coast Range to the west, Polk County, Oregon real estate is all about pastoral charm and natural grandeur.

Named after President James Knox Polk, Polk County was created in 1845 and is known for being the second-largest grape-growing region in the state. Polk has a total area of 744 square miles and a population estimated to be less than 80,000. In other words, trees still outnumber people in Polk County.

Part of Salem actually lies in Polk County. West Salem, which is across the Willamette River from the rest of the city, is one of Salem’s desirable areas. Peaceful streets and good schools characterize this area and homes here usually resell well.

There are hills in West Salem, for example, so find out first if the home you’re interested in is in or near a geological hazard area.

Near West Salem, you’ll find Independence, Oregon and Monmouth, Oregon. These two cities have been experiencing heightened growth in recent years, catching the spillover of real estate developments from Salem. Like the majority of Polk County, Oregon real estate, however, they remain more rural than urban.