The home truth snippet for Turner: End of year 2016

  • Median home price was up 10.2% to $262,950
  • Home sales were up 28%
  • Days on the market was down 17.3% to 86 days
  • Current inventory is 2.84 months
  • Market favors: Sellers, strong sellers market

Turner had a lot of new construction in 2016 which sold very well. Acreage properties were in high demand as well.  As such there was an increase in home sales as well as home prices as Turner was able to accelerate growth a bit and meet some of the real estate demand.

This data was crunched using data provided by the WVMLS and includes acreage and non-acreage properties

Home truth snippet for Turner: End of year 2015

  • Median home price down 2.9% to $200,000
  • Home sales up 72.4%
  • Days on the market down 10.8% to 82
  • Current inventory: 3.7 months
  • Market favors: Sellers

Turner builders had some very affordable priced new builds in 2015 which caused a huge spike in the home sales numbers.  New construction sold well in Turner due to the reasonable home prices and often larger lots associated with those homes.

Home Truth Snippet: 2014 over 2013

  • Median home price up 16.7% to $206,000
  • Home sales up 53%
  • Days on the market up 29% to 166 days
  • Current inventory: 9.9 months
  • Market favors: Buyers

While that jump in the median home price over last year might initially indicate that the Turner real estate market is going strong, what it really means is that new construction was going strong in Turner.  With developments off Delaney Rd selling relatively well, home prices appear to have increased, but it just means that new construction homes, which are more expensive, sold.

The days on the market is a bit deceptive as well because builders typically put homes on the market well before they are ready for sale in case a buyer wants to pick colors.  As such it appears that homes are taking longer when they really aren’t.

Turner is still a slower market and there is a bit more inventory there so it does favor buyers at this time.

Home Truth Snippet: 2013 over 2012

  • Median home price up 6.6% to $176,500
  • Home sales flat with 0% change
  • Days on the market down 32% to 129 days
  • Current inventory 7.5 months
  • Market favors: Buyers

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