Marion County Oregon

According to the Census Bureau, Marion county is projected to have about 326,110 people living within in bounds. The last census data was for 2010 when the population was 315,335. Most of those people live in Salem and Keizer.

Marion county is made up of many small towns, several that are unincorporated but locals will still call them by their unincorporated name. Hear someone mention Marion, Shaw, Labish Village, Quinaby, or Monitor and you may find yourself having a conversation about one of the unincorporated communities in the county. You aren’t going to find information about this small local communities online since they aren’t incorporated cities. Most are very rural so they will get their mail from the nearest larger city.

These small communities aren’t subject to the traditional urban growth boundary requirements since they don’t have a local municipality, but they do have zoning restrictions to make sure no high density housing goes in.

The larger cities in Marion county are on the map below. Follow the link to get a brief description of that city.