Gubser/Wilark Park Neighborhood

The Gubser/Wilark Park neighborhood is sandwiched between Gubser Elementary school and Whiteaker Middle School, Keizer Station and 14th street. If you want a home in this neighborhood you can’t really wait too long when they come on the market. Homes in this neighborhood sell from listing date to close very quickly. With large lots and well-maintained homes, proximity to Gubser Elementary, and very easy highway access, this neighborhood is ideal in many ways.

Real estate started to be developed in this neighborhood in the mid-1960s and continued until the 1970s. Most of the neighborhood was developed during that time frame. During the 1990s and 2000s, a few streets were added with newer homes as Keizer grew, but for the most part, this neighborhood is a 1960-70s era neighborhood.

Something notable when considering this neighborhood is that annually, residents decorate their homes for the Keizer Miracle of Christmas Lighting display and do a fundraiser. During this time, there are many cars that come to see the light displays from Thanksgiving through the Christmas holiday season.



Real estate prices for Gubser/Wilark Park

Most homes will sell in the $375,000-$550,000 price range.

Neighborhood Characteristics
  • 1960-1980s construction
  • Architecturally simple homes
  • Close to Gubser Elementary and Whiteaker Middle
  • Well-maintained homes
  • Long-time residents make for a stable population
Neighborhood Life

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