Home won’t sell? Sometimes sellers struggle to sell their Salem Oregon area home, and can’t figure out why.  There aren’t any big secrets about what buyers consistently dislike in homes. Here are Tomson Burnham’s top 7 things buyers hate about homes.

  1. The home smells. Pet smells, garlic, fish, urine, and identified smells that won’t be discussed. Homes should have no smell.
  2. The owners are home during the showing. Most buyers want to openly talk about the pros and cons of the house while IN the house. They can’t do that while the sellers are there.
  3. The home is seriously cluttered. Toys, books, collections, and the family wall of photos have to go. They really don’t want to see dolls, guns, and dead animals.
  4. The home is dirty. A few dishes in the sink is one thing. Dirty clothes thrown on the floor, a shower that hasn’t been scrubbed in a while, and a stack of dishes filling the counters is another. Remember keep your dirt to yourself.
  5. A house with wallpaper. People cringe when they think about having to take down wallpaper. The occasional border and maybe one wall doesn’t seem to bother buyers, but lots of wallpaper sends many buyers scurrying.
  6. Bad do-it-yourself projects. Know enough to know what you can and can’t do well. Many homeowners just don’t have the skills to cut tile straight or do plumbing repairs correctly.
  7. “Enhancing” real estate listings. Teal carpet, cabinets falling off the hinges, and a home reeking of cigarette smoke are not move-in ready to most people. Most buyers want to have some inkling of the true condition of the home in advertising.

Sellers, buyers talk about your homes. You can listen to a local Salem Oregon area real estate agent, OR you can listen to the consumers.  Hopefully, both are telling you the same thing. Whether or not you choose to listen is up to you.

If you want some help to determine what things need to be done to get your home ready for sale, contact a Tomson Burnham real estate agent and we’ll come out and assist you.