The dreaded money pit.

Every home buyers greatest concern, or it should be.

While there is no guarantee that your new home purchase won’t have issues after you move into it, you certainly should get a home inspection to do your best to rule out the really big expensive things, like a tub falling through the floor.

A home inspector is a generalist; they know a little about everything. They will look at all of the systems of the house, interior and exterior. Experienced home inspectors also educate buyers about homes in the process. Knowing where the water shut off value is, pilot lights, etc are in the home is important for regular maintenance.

Sometimes people get confused and think new homes mean perfect homes. Unfortunately homes are built by people. People have babies who keep them up at night. People attend funerals for family. People have events in life that deprive them of sleep and focus. Then they go and build a house. As such, new construction homes are not a guarantee of a problem free home. Most homes have some type of defect. A defect does not mean the home is not worth buying, but it’s important to know what they are so that you can plan for repairs. No buyer wants to purchase a home only to find it filled with mold in the walls, leaking skylights, or foundation troubles. Well unless you are an investor, but that’s another post. There are many materials that have had recalls or been involved in class action lawsuits due to quality problems. A home inspector is aware of these issues and can make sure you know materials are used in the home that may be problematic.

There are other inspections you may want to consider depending on the age of the house but we can chat with you about those ones as needed. Somehow, I don’t think you would have the same reaction as Tom Hanks’ character did, if your tub fell through the floor. Let’s face it, his laugh was hysterical. I’m thinking your reaction might have a few four letter words associated with it instead.

Home inspections. Just do them.