Dave Wiggers, Broker

I moved to Salem in 1993 and started a construction company a few years after that. During most of my time in the Willamette Valley, I have been involved in building many new houses, remodeling, flipping, and real estate investing. Owning a construction company for over 20 years has given me unique insight into how houses are built and which ones are built well. I have specialized knowledge to help clients envision construction possibilities and help avoid potential issues. This gives my clients and our brokerage an advantage and a perspective others may not have.

In my free time, I enjoy playing the electric guitar and am involved in my church band. I like to BBQ and hang out with extended family. Although I love the intricacies of real estate, l also enjoy the simple things in life—a walk with my boys, a great cup of coffee, and time with friends.

My goal as a real estate broker is to create a good relationship with clients to meet their unique needs and accomplish the task of buying or selling property together. I want my clients to be well informed and feel confident about their real estate purchase. The Tomson Burnham brokerage has a cooperative and supportive culture and has extensive resources to meet your needs. I look forward to working with you.

My experience restoring run-down homes and being immersed in local real estate data has proven invaluable to my clients regardless of whether they are buying or selling, and regardless if they are interested in fixer homes, new construction or anything in-between.  I help my clients identify problems in a home, and determine how much effort any particular issue will require to fix and how much it might cost.