Coverage area for Tomson Burnham, llc

I think to a lot of people real estate seems easy. You set up showings, open a few doors, fill in the blanks on some paperwork, and then get paid. Those things are all part of what real estate agents do. We like to do more though.

We like to know about the cities and neighborhoods we cover. As such, we don’t cover every city in our MLS even though we can get inside those homes. It really is just too much for someone to know the details of every neighborhood from Aurora to Brownsville so we admit that we only have so much time to learn. We choose to stay on top of our local markets and get to know those markets well.

How will it help you if we can’t tell you where the landslide hazard areas are in the city, or the general location of flood zones and historic districts? What is the general reputation of schools in the area? What activities are there for families? We like to think that we offer more than just opening doors, but we do open doors with panache when needed.

What to know where we go? Tomson Burnham, llc covers real estate in Marion and Polk Counties currently. Click on the map to take you to learn about the local cities in these counties.