Relocating to Salem Oregon

Moving to a new city like Salem is always hard. That’s why we created this Salem Oregon Relocation Guide to help you find out about the local festivals, events, and family-friendly things to do while you are considering moving to our city.

Which coffee shop has the dark roast that you like? Where do you go for a fine dining meal?  What do moms and dads do with kids during rainy season?  What are the local festivals and where can you get a good bottle of winWe leave here so we know.  From local coffee shops, to places to get great soup, to fine dining, we will share our local knowledge with you so ask us any questions to see if Salem is where you want to live!

Soup for you!

Good Soup in Salem Oregon Anyone of my generation knows about the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld with his infamous soup and not so great customer service.  While Salem doesn’t have a soup nazi, there are some great restaurants that consistently have good soup.  It is that time of the year when a nice warm bowl…

Salem Harvest

Guest post by Pam Choc Limbs from the cherry tree droop, laden with abundant fruit. Children giggle as they run between trees, trying to find just the right cherry to sneak into their mouths. The “plink, plink, plink” of cherries landing in large buckets. Families easily chatting amongst themselves and with each other, all grateful…