Buyer agents in Salem Oregon metro area

How do you pick a top buyer agent when we are all the same? Musical Chairs? Duck, Duck, Goose?

The real truth is that we aren’t all the same, but it might feel that way to you. So how do you know the difference? We’d like to meet with you and talk about how and why we are different. We’d love to treat you to a cup of coffee, tea, or maybe an Oregon strawberry smoothie at a great local coffee house just to chat about it. In the meantime…

Sometimes the list price of a home is a great deal, sometimes it isn’t. One of the reasons you would hire us to help you buy is to help you know the difference.  We strongly believe you are hiring us to negotiate for you so in hot markets we know how to win multiple offers and in slow markets, we know how to get you a good deal. So that is what we do. We also look for non-MLS listings.

We know mortgage loan products really well so we can get creative with all of the different options available out there.

Curious about our stats? Here are homes we have helped our clients to buy (red) or sell (blue).

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